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I am a Slow Flow Yoga teacher and meditation guide who sees in this practice a way of flowing through life with lightness and joy. My practice is felt, mindful and down to earth. My teaching is focused on moving the body with awareness and curiosity. Expect fun, yummy, slow yet challenging flows to soothe the body and the mind.

I have taken my 200h  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Alliance certified school Yoga London. I also take private classes with my Teacher and Mentor Paula Andreewitch to deepen my own practice and explore aspects of teaching like sequencing, asanas, anatomy studies and yoga philosophy

This amazing practice came into my life in a time when life was not so sweet. I was stressed and anxious due to a very demanding lifestyle working full time in a job that used to drain all my energy and positivity.

This scenario lasted for a while until my sister who is also a Yoga teacher and one of my biggest inspirations came to me. Intervention! She took me to a Yoga class. It was literally love at first sight. I remember feeling my body at ease for the first time in ages. For some reason that I couldn’t fully understand back then, my mind was calmer and quieter like it had never been before. I felt peace.

Slowly my practice became a big part of my life and beautiful changes started to unravel from within. I was taking care of myself, healing from the inside out. Back then, the thought of becoming a Yoga teacher didn’t cross my mind not even in my slightest dreams. I remember I was always in a constant search, looking for a passion, digging for something that I could devote myself wholeheartedly. I was searching for my purpose in this life. Little did I know that Yoga would be the gateway to help me find and live my purpose full out.



Wednesdays - 8.15pm - Yoga

Fitness 4 Less - Cambridge Heath
(Gym members only)

Thursdays - 6.30pm - Dynamic

Well Garden

Thursdays - 7.45pm - Vinyasa & Nidra

Well Garden


Fridays - 7pm - Slow Flow Yoga

Move Studio London

Sundays - 6pm - Flow to Restore

Bind Yoga Studio - Harringay



I am passionate about promoting wellbeing through Yoga & Meditation in companies accross London. Classes are heldin the mornings before work, at lunchtime or in the eveing after work and they are designed to bring a moment of pause to a busy working day and provide a sense of wellbeing alleviating any work related stress and tension.

Wondering  about the advantages of bringing Yoga to your workplace?


⋗ Reduces stress promoting more positive interactions with coworkers.

⋗ Hepls to create more headspace leading to more creativity.

⋗ Promotes an overall sense of wellbeing to body & mind.

⋗ Relieves pain and discomfort in the body caused by sitting down for long periods of time.

⋗  Brings a shift in perspective, mood and energy into the day.

⋗ Connects people building a sense of community and interaction between employees.

⋗  Supports the employees in improving focus and attention which leads to more productivity.

Feel free to get in touch to know more information about corporate Yoga classes.

Kind words from my students

Ange’s class is the perfect antidote to a busy workday. The class is well-paced , with modifications given for those less flexible! Ange's class flows easily and her meditations help me centre myself so I can ease into the postures without force or worry. Each week I feel like I am improving and Ange helps to relieve the worry and stress of a demanding week. We're lucky to have her!

Rosanagh Fuller - Corporate Yoga Class
My Yoga evenings are extremely important to me, Ange’s practices are unpressured, I do what I can, in an atmosphere of fun yet calm relaxation.  All the better to pop down one floor from my office at the end of the day.  No excuses!

Ann Wilson - Corporate Yoga Class

Ange’s classes are brilliant, she creates a supportive environment and welcomes those from all levels. Ange is a great practitioner and her calm assurance has really helped my development with yoga.

Jatinder Kailey - Corporate Yoga Class

Yoga with Ange is what I look forward to at the end of the week. It’s a great class to focus on mind, body and soul and Ange makes this connection happen in a beautiful and moving way. I always leave feeling like I have been enlightened with positivity, calmness and a weight lifted off my shoulders.
Sharmila Rahman - Public Yoga Class

I have attended many yoga classes with a variety of teachers, however yoga with Angela is by far my favourite class. She finds the right balance between strength and serenity, with a focus on both body and most importantly mind. She is very knowledgeable about the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, and you learn a little bit more about the practice after each class. Angela is professional, warm and inviting which makes you feel totally at ease. Her teaching style is patient, supportive and her classes are without a trace of intimidation, which you can sometimes encounter with other classes. She brings a sense of calm and encouragement, and you end up walking out of her class on air, just what you need after a long stressful day at work.
Sarah Young - Public Yoga Class